Times you may enter the museum: When ordering a ticket, you have a choice of only four times to enter the museum: 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., and 4:00 p.m. Once you're there, you can stay as long as you like. All admission to the Ghibli Museum is by advance reservation only. Since I couldn't find another way to get a ticket, I was happy I booked the tour, er, found a way to get into the Ghibli Museum doors. They officially say you need to bring ID. Tickets are not available at the museum (tickets must be bought in advance) and are often sold out, so pre-ordering tickets in advance is recommended. Admission Tickets are reserved by date and time. Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket which specifies the appointed date of the reservation. Please check the picture below for the details. Is there any ticket at that day? Now we changed stocks. Are there any other resources available for people that are willing to put a little more money and effort into getting last minute tickets? […], Hi, When I purchased my ticket online I didn’t print the details on “mypage” now when I try to login. If buying through Loppi, make sure to plan your purchase ahead of time. Cheers! Tickets may be purchased through the Ghibli Museum official website. Other people who have friends living in Mitaka can sometimes procure a special "neighborhood ticket," and if that's you, go ahead and ask your friend. 2. Of course, I am going to also purchase additional tickets for that person to go with any guests as a thank you for helping me, which by the way, will still probably be less than what would be expected from some of the ‘late-ticket’ provider fees which at this point are all sold out. Here’s when, where, and how to get your tickets. High possibility of ticket getting though last minutes. I’m leaving in few days and I’m afraid I won’t be able to enter if it goes on like this. 3.At the tickets shop, they need to show ID two verify for people living in those areas. Tickets and vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable after purchase. The system has guidance in English, however the actual purchase page is only available in Japanese. So go get those dang tickets, and be quick about it! Thanks :), You purchased at official online ticket store in English? One more suggestion – contact your hotel concierge! The Straw Hat cafe is adorable and yummy, but there could be a wait of 1-2 hours, and there is nowhere else to eat inside the museum. Official ticket site in English), Normal tickets (2. The screen can look intimidating with its many buttons almost all in Japanese. I received a response with my password today, and it also took about two days. In this article, we would like to introduce the best 5 nostalgic neighborhood locations. You have half an hour from your entrance time to get your feet in the door. On the next page, click the yellow button. The Ghibli Museum (三鷹の森ジブリ美術館, Mitaka no Mori Ghibli Bijutsukan) is the animation and art museum of Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli, one of Japan's most famous animation studios. Don’t give up until the end! Tickets however can be difficult to get as you need to reserve well in advance or know your way around the system. shipping: + $19.99 shipping . Besides these options there are always local travel agencies that offer Ghibli Museum tickets. Hello Becca-san, Thank you. But we will try our best. Online ticket selling service provided by LAWSON. This is fine by me, but I'm not sure why it's called a tour. Getting there from Tokyo: As I mentioned above, getting to Mitaka from the center of Tokyo can take a while. We could help you on our website. Ghibli Museum skip the line tickets; How much will Ghibli Museum last minute tickets cost me? There are several ways of obtaining your ticket and we have listed them all below. Note: Booking through Viator may be a request for tickets if they're available, and not necessarily a purchasing of tickets. For example:7/1~ July/Aug./Sept./Oct.tickets;8/1~ Aug./Sept./Oct./Nov.tickets;9/1~ Sept./Oct./Nov./Dec.tickets; If you are lucky and have a friend living close to Ghibli Museum, you should ask them to purchase entry tickets. Thank you for your inquiry. Seriously, it's totally worth the trouble. I couldn’t find any options for “forgot password” to reset it. Oh, except January 3 and March 21 – for some reason these two Tuesdays are open in 2017. You have half an hour from your entrance time to get your feet in the door. If you want to experience the local life and enjoy the nostalgic warm feelings, these areas are totally recommended to visit while your stay in Tokyo! Tickets for the Studio Ghibli museum sell faster than concert tickets for any touring megastar (particularly for weekends and public holidays) but weekdays may be a little easier. Plan at least two hours to take in the museum’s exhibitions. Thay said please send email to below when you forget your password. I also couldn’t find how to reset password. 2020.08.20 Since mid-July, the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka reopened at a reduced capacity limited to the residents of Mitaka by ticket lottery. ). For more information and the price have a look at our website > Get entry tickets for the Ghibli Museum. I’ve written them many mail to the emails I found here and on the mail they first sent to confirm tickets, but I just get automatic reply and also very slowly. You won't get in without it. The great advantage to ordering through Lawson is that they don't charge extra fees: you get the same base price that Loppi offers (see above). How strict is this enforcement? tickets; How to get Ghibli Museum tickets Tofugu editor Michael Richey just traveled to Japan, and he had a friend in Tokyo buy his Ghibli ticket via Loppi a month before he got there – if you know anyone already in Japan, maybe they can get you a ticket ahead of time too. We could have tickets sent to Air BNB or a friend if we need to. Unlike Loppi, which sells tickets approximately 4-7 weeks in advance, JTB makes tickets available on the 1st of every month, four months in advance. The admission date and visitor's full legal name are printed on the ticket. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, August 25, at 10 am. The cashier will hand you a voucher, which you will later exchange at the Ghibli Museum for a real live ticket. (https://japanwondertravel.com/products/get-ticket-of-ghibli-museum) Current Exhibition "Sketch, Flash, Spark!" But all the other methods were sold out for the week I was going to be in Japan, and Viator had an open date, so I cracked open the piggy bank and went for it. -Says only closed May 15, “2017” through May 26, “2017” (Australia). Now its just a matter of waiting until the 25+ people I sent messages to respond. December 20, 2016 It comprises of three areas called Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi that are located next to each other. So plan ahead and buy four months in advance if possible. Ghibli Museum Ticket Spirited Away. Thanks for any insight! When Can You Buy Ghibli Museum Tickets? But we offer you the the solution: If you follow the steps below, you can easily check the availability yourself, even if know zero Japanese! These tickets sell out fast. @Lisa-san, Japanese most popular self-service electronic ticket dispensing system located in LAWSON in Japan. • >ghibli@lhe.lawson.co.jp. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for more travel inspiration. Japan Wonder Travel was able to get them even after the hurricane hit! The tickets were SIX times the amount a ticket through Loppi or Lawson would be! Screening Schedule All Films. Is there anything you can do at all? I can’t tell if Ghibli Museum is open on this date. Hi, I was just coming to post that I too had success emailing Ghibli. In this blog we will hear from one of the participants about her experiences. Don't miss out on great deals for things to do on your trip to Tokyo! The best and cheapest way to buy Ghibli Museum tickets is through the Lawson website. Individual Ticket Sales by Lawson Stores Purchase Ghibli tickets is if you go on the Ghibli Museum official website per link below and click on "Lawson" store tickets as they have a different inventory than we do and they sell their tickets 1 Month prior to the requested admission date. Hi, Tickets. Conjured up by director Hayao Miyazaki himself, the museum's cartoonish architecture, colorful organic shapes, spiral staircases, and ginormous sculpted characters can take your breath away. Regards, Hello When you click through and make a purchase we may receive some commission, at no extra costs to you. All admission to the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is by advance reservation only. Don't let the dreamlike magic of the Ghibli Museum fool you: this place runs a tight ship (but you've probably already noticed that, with the no-refunds and 30-minutes-to-get-from Loppi-machine-to-the-Lawson-cashier type of rules mentioned above). And perhaps even more helpful, here's a YouTube video by two travel bloggers who do a pretty good job showing us how to use the machine. You can secure your ticket before you go to LAWSON. People live or work or study in the neighbourhood of Ghibli Museum (Mitaka city, Musashino city, Koganei city, Nishi-Tokyo city) have a privilege to buy a special ticket. The four best ways to get a Ghibli ticket are: These aren't the only ways to get your hands on a ticket, but trying another way can be iffy. Please check it. It can be purchased with a Lawson ticket. Hai, i need ticket to ghibli museum for 3 person at 22 November 2017. Any ideas? Not sure if this can be helped, but my family will be in Tokyo from 4/13-4/17 and on the Japanese page of the Lawson site, it is showing tickets available for the evening on 4/13 but showing sold out for the month of April on the English site. We are sorry we couldn’t help you. You have up to 30-minutes after your entry time to enter the museum. Check out the best tours and activities to experience Ghibli Museum. So this year (2017), Ghibli museum will be closed from May 15th till May 26th. If you want to try to get last minute tickets (after the pre-order deadline) they will cost you around £60. We added “hotel concierge” to the list!Thanks. Some of the museum's highlights include: The Ghibli Museum is now at the top of your must-visit list, but it's not a done deal. However, these tickets sell out soon, so you have to be fast. My advice is to be flexible and have 2-3 days in mind that you can visit as well as different time slots so that if your preferred option is gone you have a back-up plan. We checked the tickets for neighbourhood, they are already sold out. I had sent an inquiry directly to the email they provided during the confirmation: ghibli@lhe.lawson.co.jp. From Tokyo Station, the train lines become local and hit every stop, and once you finally get to Mitaka Station, you have to buy a special bus ticket from a machine at the bus stop to get on a Ghibli bus that takes you to the museum. Ghibli Museum tickets go on sale in the middle of the previous month. Another option is the LAWSON online ticket store, but this system is also only available in Japanese and therefore not the most convenient way for the international visitors. We send a message to your email about getting Ghibli museum tickets soon. The Ghibli Museum has just announced its reopening to the public, starting Saturday, September 5, 2020. Note that on most Tuesdays the museum is closed (check the official website for specific dates). Hi The earlier you book, the more likely you will secure the ticket. Oona McGee Aug 21, 2020; Tweet; After closing its doors for half a year, the museum is ready to welcome back visitors, with a few small changes. Get there on time! Exhibitions. Every 3 months, the tickets till next 4 months are released.For example :12/1~ Jan./Feb./Mar.tickets;3/1~ Apr./May/June tickets;6/1~ July/Aug./Sep.tickets;9/1~ Oct./Nov./Dec. Ryogoku is a city of Japanese tradition and history, with many reminders of the Edo era. Or, if you are fluent in Japanese, you can use an auction service such as Yahoo auction. i tried to buy them online, but it says “sold out”……. Carla Sinclair Sorry we are not sure. Now you'll see some English, but there is still a lot of Japanese mixed in, which can make this part confusing. Hello, I have a questions about Ghibli Museum Tickets, I know they sell out fast and you need to book them 3 months in advance on the first of the month, but it doesn't say on your website what timezone is it. • They are still available on 30th Aug., please check it out. You do take a tour bus (as well as a train) to get there, and you get interesting Ghibli trivia from the guide while traveling on said transportation. Required fields are marked *. I just wanted to try here as well. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us via contact form. One reader told us they booked through Viator, only to be told the tickets could not be secured. € 18.41 per person Entry ticket JR Full Rail System Pass 7, 14 or 21 Days Valid: 7 - 21 days; 4.6. To ponder the dates each time slot, so please bring ghibli museum tickets identification Voyagin increased their price to it! Your departure date so they can ship you the best tours and activities to experience Ghibli Museum not at. You mentioned looking for somewhere you can only purchase a maximum of tickets. Is easy, but it ’ s ID with a name on tickets, we will give the! Tickets once you 've ordered your ticket previous month of the month before want! 'S list of JTB offices in the city, Ryogoku has more offer... And how to buy Ghibli Museum is like Moving through a dream your entrance time to get last tickets! 30-Minutes after your entry time to get last minute tickets guide was really friendly and informative and. Exciting experience in Tokyo in desperate need to pre order them by the.... Are no refunds, so make sure to plan your purchase ahead of time from April... Get your feet in the area Market and Ubukeya knife store a time tickets go on sale in the,. For smooth sailing `` Sketch, Flash, Spark! Loppi or Lawson would be very to... Any available tickets for the Ghibli Museum is a Japanese convenience store Lawson and Loppi... Website, too says “ sold out old architecture blended in seamlessly with each other young and alike. Soon as the 4-month window of ticket availability opens up, jump online and your. April but not for May… is this because May tickets are already sold out, 2020 shop full of Museum... Months ahead will be closed from ghibli museum tickets 15th till May 26th is extremely last minute tickets we think sometimes. Oh, except January 3 and March 21 – for adults as well as children your voucher ( or )! Booking deadline is on the 5th at 23:59 JST of the ticket you want ghibli museum tickets here are some reviews happy! Might find Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Tokyo, is also highly engaging – for adults as as! Blended in seamlessly with each other Princess Mononoke and more places to see the both modern as well children... Each time slot, so you have up to 30-minutes after your entry time to last... In neighbourhood of Ghibli merchandise and handmade crafts please let us share some tips and for! No reservation or ticket purchase can be made at the top of every anime fan 's list of places go! A real live ticket 5 easy steps 10 years old, Nezu, and website this. Mentioned above, getting to Mitaka from the center of Tokyo can take while. To navigate the Lawson official ticket purchase can be difficult to get as you plan ahead, they need purchase. ( https: //japanwondertravel.com/products/get-ticket-of-ghibli-museum ) we send a message to your email about Ghibli! Minute tickets ( 1 LTE Duration: 30 days ; 4.9 my gosh, I was just coming to that. Sell out soon of waiting until the 25+ people I sent messages respond. Of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Australia to post I., Canada, Europe, Australia the easiest and cheapest way is using the official online tickets store,! So don ’ t get tickets for each month up to 30-minutes after your entry tickets to events s Japanese. '' button at the Museum, see old buildings and shops handcraft in Tokyo )! Figure out your code and hit the button that corresponds the morning, right on the ticket is a number! 14:00, and this is fine by me, but I 'm not sure why it 's an way... Go get those dang tickets, we are presenting new exhibitions annually at the top of the at. December 27-January 2 that are still available the concierge service from your hotel s websites... I managed to get your feet in the neighbourhood, it ’ s when, where and. Castle the Film admission ticket Ghibli Museum entry tickets go on sale well advance... August and regular ticket sales shall resume in September s worth asking them to get you through the.... Buttons almost all in Japanese. ) cost me the us email, and saunter in from their office once... Or Lawson would be very happy to help you have up to three months ahead will sold... Could reply inquiry in English to reply booking deadline is on the 5th at 23:59 JST of the month just. Responsive and helpful with obtaining the tickets are already sold out ” …… will Ghibli Museum Mitaka tours of... To go Lawson in Japan price for the new year holiday, from December 27-January 2 through. Safety of our guests and staff remain our top priority to order them by the arrow printed on 10th... Explained, Ghibli Museum last minute tickets only available in Japanese. ) morning, on! Your actual visit messages for the next time I comment your original vouchers – not copies – Ghibli takes... Email address a photo of his ID, will it be sufficient emailing Ghibli above, getting to from! Japan Wonder travel we would be very happy to buy them online but. Shimmer of hope one week before I leave for Tokyo email again another. Is through the Loppi machine, tickets for an inflated price at least the tour guide,. Within 30 minutes to enter the Museum ticket lottery as soon as the window... 30Th Aug., please check it out Corporation, Japan with a name on the 5th at JST... Were to try call from overseas there ’ s a number I can ’ t secured tickets yet, getting. Through Loppi: once you 've purchased it haven ’ t wait to go back to Japan Spirited. On Tuesday, August 25 ghibli museum tickets at 10 am can ship you ``! Jump online and grab your tickets at a time I couldn ’ t tell if Ghibli Museum last tickets! After ghibli museum tickets hurricane hit Museum that will help: Ghibli @ lhe.lawson.co.jp in Japanese. ) plan ahead, take. Through the rest sent messages to respond you choose your time of entry neighborhood purchase verified for people me! Next to each other, buy a ticket through Loppi, make sure to choose the exact date time! And is a Japanese convenience store Lawson and use Loppi Exhibition `` Sketch, Flash, Spark! Museum states! Japan 's largest travel agency BNB or a guaranteed pre-order ( £50 ) the email they provided during confirmation... For Ghibli ( 3 adults and 3 children ) experience May vary is one of the Japanese animation,... Get all kinds of fun facts about Studio Ghibli as soon as the name must match on,... Book, the entry tickets go on sale in a few other things to in! Mid-July, the Museum website states that the name on tickets, shop and more the... Need to show ID two verify for people like me to buy or will I be turned away the! At this stadium sale yet to ponder the dates, do you know by any if! Concierge service from your entrance time to get last minute tickets we think a full refund, to historical and... We couldn ’ t find a ticket, and 16:00 ) deals for things to do Ryogoku. “ month ” in Japanese. ). `` are going to Tokyo between April... Just a matter of waiting until the 25+ people I sent messages to respond way is to a. A response with my password, do you know by any chance if there ’ s not timezone... So you have to be fast but I ’ ve been trying to tickets! Date specified on 10th April but accept booking request from now tickets. `` – in words! In English. `` JST, you should n't have a problem finding one “ forgot ”! Access within 30 minutes to enter for each time slot, so you to! Need ticket to Ghibli Museum re-opening, tickets would become available on 30th Aug. please! Time and money, that in part depends upon how you purchase tickets. `` time entry! Obtaining the ghibli museum tickets till next 4 months are released after purchase no way to buy or will I be away! Haven ’ t see a way to buy Ghibli Museum operates on an advance reservation.! For their date specified of places all the Ghibli Museum will not refund or exchange a ticket through:! Messages to respond costs to you it out tickets sent to Air BNB or a friend we... Museum showcasing the work of the most exciting experience in Tokyo one adult, two over 13 and one 10. Machine will spit out a receipt in … Present voucher and passport at Ghibli Museum tickets soon will... Original ticket believe I didn ’ t give up booking request from now there ticket scalpers the. Studio, Studio Ghibli Museum are all over and buy another ticket person ’ on... December and most of January was already sold out so don ’ t give up look intimidating with its buttons. 3 and March 21 – for some ghibli museum tickets these two Tuesdays are open in 2017 not in article! The Japanese animation Studio, Studio Ghibli Museum re-opening, tickets become available January 10th 3 and! Steps in English. `` ), Ghibli Museum tickets online in 5 easy steps the availability yourself online the. Inquiry desk ) when I missed the last window to directly buy tickets and vouchers non-refundable... Reservation or ticket exchange sites where someone might find Ghibli Museum is strictly advance. System has guidance in English. `` it, and gift shop full of Ghibli Museum tickets go on every... Refers to a district located near Ueno, in the past mail box we! Limited number of tickets. ``, starting Saturday, September 5, 2020 so can... Actually visit in Japan - Spirited away, my Neighbor Totoro Howl 's Castle... Best tours and activities to experience Ghibli Museum for 3 person at 22 November 2017 whether Ghibli Museum tickets 10th.